What To Expect


At your first appointment we will discuss your current physical issues and how it is affecting your everyday life. We want to establish why you are experiencing pain and/or restriction, questions during your first appointment will include asking for information about anything that may have brought you to this point of weakness. We will ask about other health conditions, medication, past illnesses, injuries, accidents, how you use your body day to day at work or at home, your physical activities/hobbies and lifestyle.  

This information helps us to build a picture of how you have arrived in your current position and how we can best help and support you back to health and activity. 

Our bodies are incredible in how they can bounce back from all kinds of stress but sometimes there are so many stressors that our body becomes weakened. Then we may experience illness, fatigue, physical injury, pain, and even emotional distress.  

After we take a history, we perform a physical examination to assess how the body is moving, and where the current problem began. We will do a variety of orthopaedic and neurological tests that can identify interference in the nervous system, movement restriction in the joints of the spine and body and tension/injury of the muscles, tendons & ligaments. 

If it is appropriate and safe to do so, we may begin care at the end of this session (Chiropractic only). 

If your pain is acute, then it is likely that moving around during the physical examination will be enough effort for the body that day. 


When you come in for your second appointment, we will discuss our findings from your initial assessment. We then give you our recommendations for your ongoing care. 

The number of sessions each person will need is different, although we usually recommend a standard schedule of care for the first 4 weeks as this benefits most people. 

Once your body begins to stabilise you will feel less symptomatic and the frequency you need to visit us can reduce. At this time, we can agree on an interval between sessions that maintains your progress. 

When you reach the point in your journey that you have returned to a normal level of activity, we encourage everyone to continue with a program of maintenance care. 

Maintenance is important because our daily lives, whatever we do, will always disrupt the stability and balance of your body. Maintenance care helps you keep on top of this before it becomes a ‘painful symptom’ and serves to preserve easy movement and wellbeing. 

At Rebalance Chiropractic, we specialise in a technique called Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC).

Our aim is to provide the highest standard of structural healthcare, to get you pain free and live a healthier life.

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