Our Oxfordshire clinic offers a long term solution to treating structural problems with your body whilst helping you out of pain

Welcome to Rebalance Chiropractic clinic, Faringdon.

We offer a highly effective and specialist treatment to address postural problems, as well as joint and muscle pain, headaches, fatigue and neuropathic pain such as sciatica.

Using the Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) technique, we can help unwind your body through many of the injuries and imbalances that cause pain and make your body more stable, mobile and functionally stronger.

Treatment with ABC

Chiropractic with Advanced Biostructural Correction

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    5 Reasons Patients Choose Us:

    Effective pain relief using a specialist full body treatment method – Advanced BioStructural Correction – ABC™

    Go beyond pain relief and get your body functionally stronger

    Target the root of your problem instead of temporary fixes

    Get a fresh perspective on your health, especially if other therapies have not worked

    Improved posture from the inside – out

    posture correction

    Posture changes before and after one treatment

    “Breath in and out and let the body slump”

    *The rate of progress depends on each individual

    Here's what our patients say


    Rob at Rebalance Chiropractic is an absolute professional, with incredible knowledge and skills, as well as a compassionate nature that makes you feel welcome and safe from the second you step inside the door! I approached Rob after having suffered from upper shoulder/neck pain for a while. There was an immediate relief after the first session, but being a therapist myself I know that creating a stable new configuration in your system takes time, so I allowed Rob to work his magic for about six months (until now), and the result is stunning! I experience significantly reduced tension in my problem area, and vast amounts of energy that I did not have before I started the ABC program with Rob. I will recommend anyone who has the slightest pain to book an appointment and get sorted out!


    Conventional chiropractic treatment was no longer helpful and I’d been written off by a local osteopath. I spoke to Rob about how ABC works and it made sense as it’s effectively corrective engineering for the spine. It’s taken some time as my pain had spread from my lower to my mid back, up the sides and around my hips and stomach. I am now virtually pain free and able to continue enjoying a very mobile life and a physical job. I’d recommend this type of treatment to anyone who has spinal related pain, discomfort or mobility issues brought on by back problems


    “I had been really struggling with neck pain, after a couple of months visiting Rob at Rebalance the pain is almost gone, I highly recommend Rebalance not only for the professional and competent service they provide but for the added friendliness and ability to make you feel completely comfortable.”


    “Rob is really friendly and knowledgeable and has made a massive difference so quickly.
    I had chest and shoulder pains so wasn’t sure chiropractic work would help but I’m amazed at the difference he’s made. He explains what he’s doing and why and can always answer any questions I have.
    I would definitely recommend Rebalance to others”

    “Years of manual labour finally caught up on me to the point I could barely stand up, at the age of 30. I went to see Rob at Rebalance and I’m well on my way to recovery, very informative, professional and helpful. I’d recommend to anyone.”

    The Advanced BioStructural Correction Method

    Bones in your body can move out of place in a direction that your body cannot self correct. This is what causes bodies to structurally fail. The body responds to these problems by applying twist and torque to the skeleton in an attempt to compensate. This is the case for most people who have a leg length difference or lean to one side or imbalances shoulder height.

    These compensations not only put stress on your joints but also muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and even your organs. See for yourself how shallow your breathing becomes if you drop your chin and round your shoulders compared to if you pull your shoulders back and lift your chin.

    Advanced BioStructural Correction ™ corrects these primary misalignment’s in your body so that the compensations can unwind. Not only will you have reduced symptoms such as pain or immobility but you will feel lighter in your body and more energised.

    Specialists in pain relief, posture correction and wellness

    • Neck / Back / Shoulder/ Knee Pain
    • Stiffness / Poor Mobility
    • Poor Posture
    • Frozen Shoulder
    • Arthritis
    • Weakness / Numbness / Pins and Needles
    • Headaches
    • Shortness Of Breath
    • Brain fog / fatigue
    • Trapped nerves / Sciatica
    • Complex conditions such as Fibromyalgia


    Typical Client Progress With Major Internal And External Changes Occurring

    * The time scale for full recovery varies for each person depending on your individual injury history and present condition, however, we get immediate changes from the first visit

    Specialists In Stubborn and Complex Physical Health Problems

    The key to Advanced Biostructural Correction is CORRECTION, not short term symptom relief

    Our aim is to cure your condition instead of just relieving symptoms

    Our success stories

    Amanda: Exercise Physiologist

    ABC Chiropractic

    Winner of Best Small Chiropractic Clinic Oxfordshire 2021/22