4 Unhealthy Habits for your spine

1) Poor seated posture. Much emphasis is put on lumbar supports and back rests as a way of supporting your spine. However, the reality is that your pelvis supports your [...]
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Do you suffer regular headaches

Regular headaches are something that many of us just put up with. Maybe it’s due to not getting enough sleep, stress, hormones or needing new glasses.  However, if you find [...]
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Do posture vests really work?

I get a lot of patients asking if they should buy a posture vest to improve their posture and stop them slumping. My simple answer is NO. Not because I [...]
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Tis the season to go skiing

With winter upon us, many of you will be looking forward to hitting the piste, carving up the slopes and savouring alpine life. But for many, amidst the excitement, there [...]
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A Simple way to check your posture

When standing, our body should be upright to allow your weight to be distributed through our skeleton. All too often nowadays, people’s posture is bent forward, especially at the head and shoulders [...]
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Back to School – Bags and Posture

School term has started again and with it the topical debate of school bags and are they giving children bad backs. In a nutshell, the debate revolves around the weight [...]
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