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Our award winning Oxfordshire clinic provides specialised chiropractic care using a specialist technique that treats the root cause of your bodys problems.

We all notice that as symptoms such as pain, headaches and fatigue become more regular, that we become less active and more immobile. This means our bodies cannot function as designed. Our treatment aims to optimise the function of your body, allowing you to me as mobile, energised and painfree as possible.

Why Choose Us?

Reason #1

We treat the whole body top to toe. The body works as one synchronous system so a pain in one area is most likely due to problems in other parts of the body

Reason #2

We offer chiropractic care, soft tissue massage and joint mobilisation and posture correction using the Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) technique.

Reason #3

We were voted best small Chiropractic clinic in Oxfordshire by Corporate Livewire in 2022. We aim to optimise your health and performance, as well as getting you out of pain.

Reason #4

We are a small family run practice founded in 2014, that cater for each individual. Therefore, no prescriptive treatment plans, just recommendations for each individual to achieve their health goals.

ABC Chiropractic care at Rebalance

We keep our process pretty simple, we’ll complete a full assessment with you creating a thorough case history. We'll perform examinations and tests before setting out goals.

After the initial consultations, we'll report our findings giving you an overview of the diagnosis and a recommended treatment plan. We'll then take you through your first treatment - helping you unlock your body's full potential.

Why Choose Us?

Long term Improvement

Our purpose is to see the bigger picture and discover how you arrived in a position of pain & restriction.

Our whole-body approach aims to relieve your current discomfort but ultimately to support your body on the road to lasting recovery & health.

Specialised Chiropractic Technique

Advanced Biostructural Technique (ABC)

ABC looks to address the structural problems in our bodies that cause instability, degeneration & pain.

It is amongst the leading & most advanced techniques to correct posture & improve health and wellbeing.

Soft Tissue Therapy & Rehabilitation (STTR)

Our bodies move by the combined use of our nervous system, joints, ligaments & muscles.

STTR combines techniques such as joint mobilisations, deep tissue massage, soft tissues release, muscle energy technique and kinesiology taping that supports your body to heal from a variety of conditions.

Providing care that fits

As a practise we provide person centred care, therefore no prescriptive treatment packages, just recommendations for each person to achieve their health goals.

How can we Help You?

We have an excellent success rate in treating the following conditions (and many more) :

Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain

We tend not to compartmentalise this into lower back, mid back and neck pain, simply because the spine works as one synchronous unit ( works all together at once). Therefore, problems in one area can cause symptoms in another.

Hip, Knee & Pelvic Pain

Hip pain can be complex. Often a hip problem will refer into the buttock muscles, groin, and lower back, so it is important to diagnose the cause and effect. The alignment of the pelvis and the strong leverage that the hips and pelvis are placed under when standing are important factors. 


Headaches can be caused by a variety of factors which include tension on the spine and nervous system or muscular tension in the neck and shoudlers. These are called cervicogenic headaches. We have an excellent success rate with treating these. 

Posture Pain

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What our clients think

Rob at Rebalance Chiropractic is an absolute professional, with incredible knowledge and skills, as well as a compassionate nature that makes you feel welcome and safe from the second you step inside the door! ..


Rob is really friendly and knowledgeable and has made a massive difference so quickly. I had chest and shoulder pains so wasn’t sure chiropractic work would help but I’m amazed at the difference he’s made. ...


I have been visiting Carly for a few months and it has been incredibly helpful. Carly is professional and approachable as well as extremely knowledgeable. I cannot recommend her enough.


At Rebalance Chiropractic, we specialise in a technique called Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC).

Our aim is to provide the highest standard of structural healthcare, to get you pain free and live a healthier life.

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We are closed for lunch between 13:00 - 14:00

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