Posture and your Body.

Poor posture – visible on the outside, problematic on the inside

Your Nervous System

Advanced Biostructural Correction specialises in the assessment and assistance of neurological (nerve) problems.

Nerves are meant to stretch and bend, but when a nerve is stretched too far or pinched, it will not conduct nerve pulses correctly. A bit like a kink in a hose pipe slowing the flow of water.

Since your nerves carry signals that help your body to function, reducing these signals will obviously create problems for your body.

These problems can include (but are not limited to):

  • Numbness, tingling,  pins and needles
  • Nerve pain or neuralgia – usually a burning sensation – (often called a trapped nerve)
  • Muscle weakness

Your Circulatory System

When your body’s structure starts to fail, it literally can fold in on itself. This not only compresses your spine and other joints, but also your internal organs.

What’s inside your chest?

Well, your heart and lungs. Pretty important surely?

As your upper body collapses forward, as it will be if your head is forward and shoulders rounded, your pericardial space is restricted. This means the space inside your chest that your heart and lungs sit.

One of the first benefits that patients receiving Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) notice is improved breathing because as the head and shoulders come back, the chest opens up, allowing the lungs to expand more fully.

Posture and your Body

Head forward, upper chest collapsed


Posture and your Body

Before and after ABC treatment

Your Enteric System

If posture deteriorates further it can limit the capacity of your stomach also. Issues such as acid reflux can be attributed to the space between the stomach and the chest cavities narrowing and the valve separating them dysfunctioning (often referred to as a hiatus hernia). Posture correction can alleviate this by bringing the upper body back up again, reducing pressure on the intestinal system.